The service life of the protective layer against rust after treatment is 18 (36) months. Formula 3000 inhibitor with CSC850 Corrosion Free™ retains its protective anti-corrosion properties from the moment of application for: 18 months on the bottom and wheel arches of vehicles and 36 months in the internal cavities, such as thresholds, doors, etc.
Although Formula 3000 has a super-ability to maintain its protective properties for a long time, they are not infinite. Do not forget to repeat the treatment of your vehicle periodically – after 18/36 months.

As a reminder we apply a sticker with the date of the next treatment due on the right side of the driver’s doorway.

Stiker- .stiker150    "Corrosion free" Pass - Corrosion pass 75x100 03 

NB! If for some reason you had to replace any part of the body of your vehicle, do not wait for the next treatment, come to us and we will treat it for free.

Example frequencies of anti-corrosion treatment with Formula 3000 inhibitor:

  • Surfaces open to direct atmospheric exposure – 12-18 months
  • Enclosed surfaces – 24-36 months
  • The underside – 18 months

Remember – Formula 3000 Corrosion Free™ stops the development of existing rust and prevents the development of new rust.

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